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About Our White Dove Release Network 
White Dove Release Network Member

We are a respected community of like-minded people who believe in building, as well as bringing energy together from all different sources of people, to serve the public with the highest levels of Professionalism in our White Dove Release Industry.  There are many wonderful White Dove Release Professionals out there, however, in recent years, when the terminology of White Dove Release Professionals has been spoken and mentioned, some have unfortunately just caused this title to become just a modern day cliche that many use lightly in our profession. You see, we believe there is much more honesty found in what a company does, rather than just what they say.  We don't believe in talking bad about other dove companies, or participating in gossip due to its destructive and arrogant nature,(on the contrary we try and stop it).

We are active members of the OLDEST pigeon racing organization in the country, THE AMERICAN RACING PIGEON UNION. We adhere to the most strict rules of ethics in our industry and never will jeopardize the safety of our trained athletes just to make some money. If you are currently not a "Professional" member of the American Racing Pigeon Union, we invite you to join our organization. The integrity of a business can be measured often times by organizations they are affiliated with and rules they follow.

It is our hope that as members begin to join our organization, and clients desire to have dove releases performed at their services, they only work with individuals who are active members of the union who ultimately have made it possible to offer these services to the public. There have been threats in the past that have jeopardized our hobby and businesses. To date, our independent data research shows that there are approximately 1,770 dove release companies around the globe (Data Collected as of Jan 25, 2009). Thanks to the legal team that goes to Washington DC to protect our industry, we are able to release doves as we do.

This is a full-service membership! We will show the entire homepage of your website, which will encourage potential customers to click and view your site and decide to purchase a dove release from you. We will use proven SEO data marketing techniques to maximize your potential for customer exposure, bringing more traffic to your site and leading to more clients and more business.

The power of the Internet comes alive with this membership, which includes these benefits.


  • Access to our "members only" blog and correspondence information. 
  • White Dove Release Network ID card similar to the one shown above.
  • A small graphic and a link to your website's home page on our White Dove Release Network Advertisers page.
  • Access to questions and answers from experts and novices in the dove business. 
  • Access to exclusive video demonstrations -- not available to the public -- on how to vaccinate your birds, how to train them on tosses, preventive measures, cleaning, etc.
  • Exclusive discussions on some of the finer details of the business. You'll learn what separates a mediocre dove business from an exceptional dove business.



  • You must take our online Assessment and purchase your membership. 

"For All Your Professional White Dove Release Needs"
  P.O. BOX 146
Kaysville, UT 84037
PURCHASING LINE: 1-888-803-6837 or 1-888-80-DOVES
 We process the same day and ship just as soon as the young birds are ready to go.

(Shipping Conditions for lives require temperatures to be below 85 Degrees nationwide)

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