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These are 10-day-old White Homing Pigeon squeakers. The birds we will be shipping to you will be much larger than this in size. Can you believe that in just 25 days they will be flying? They grow very quickly.

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A Unique Opportunity

Take control of Your Future

A breath taking white dove release business is truly unique and provides a lasting impression. You can build your business so that you can perform dove releases for weddings, funerals, and other special occasions just as we did back in 1989.

A few items of business you will want to know beforehand:

You'll need a loft to keep your birds protected from weather and critters.

You'll want to get the very best birds available to you, so you save time, energy, and money for the long term success of your business. When I mention "saving money", I am not suggesting you go out and find the cheapest birds you can find. I do ,however, suggest you purchase the very best birds you can find, regardless of the price, as this is the most important asset in your business success.

Once you get your best birds, from the most reputable source....

You will then need to train your birds to come home, as well as care for them daily, and be professional with all the details of the business. There are people out there that already make anywhere from $35-70k after their second year of operation(Results will always vary depending on the individuals experience), and we know several who make more than this. How would $275,000 per year sound? Well it's already been done. If you go into this business to make meaning and to fill a need, you can do very well, and you can make money!

This type of investment in this special niche market can allow you to make a return within a short time of performing a few dove releases. It has been our experience that if you learn to market this type of service correctly to the public, it can be rewarding in many aspects.

Let us help get you started off correctly the first time by providing VALUABLE beautiful white doves to add to your business. Visit our site frequently, as we will be posting some great products that will enhance your success in the dove release business.


White Pigeon Sales


All pricing totals are calculated at final checkout. Shipping Fees are also listed on checkout page as well.

This upcoming Year (2016) We will be promoting offspring off our famous Belgium Imports.

Our White Janssens will still be available, but in fewer qty.

Additional Services & Shipping

We offer insurance, banding, DNA testing, and vaccinations for our birds, as indicated on the detail pages for each bird.

We strongly recommend that birds be vaccinated for PMV.

Guaranteed Sexing of Birds. This is an additional fee which can be selected at time of checkout. This DNA test is sent off to our lab, and takes 1 week to get the results back.

If you would like to add these items, simply check the appropriate box when placing your order. We will send you exactly what you order.


All birds are shipped via USPS EXPRESS Mail. See our Shipping page for details.



White Ring Neck Doves (Love Doves)
White ring neck doves (also known as "love doves") provide a beautiful added touch to any occasion. These love doves are meant for decoration, rather than flying.


Take our valuable assessment survey to find out what will be required to have your own White Dove Release business! This is a very personalized service we offer, and we even go over the results with you once you've completed it. This provides all of our customers the opportunity to then make an informed, educated decision about getting started in this type of unique industry.

But it doesnt stop there....1 month of coaching would typically cost $2,000 for you to have the rare opportunity to work with the owner and founder of this business.

We are not going to charge that though for beginners, here is what we can do for you, if you really want to succeed...

This Assessment Survey now allows you to receive a (1) month consultation for your startup. In addition, you will receive a 15% Discount Credit that may be applied towards any bird purchases totaling over $1500.00.

This new option is part of a ongoing quality control initiative that can be used to help those entering this industry make the entire industry better as a whole. We are all in this together, to serve the public with the respect they deserve on a professional level.

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