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 Our CLIENTS are OUR greatest Asset! 

 Read what our REAL valued customers are saying about the birds below....

Full Disclosure: None of the Customers or Celebrities mentioned below were paid, or compensated monitarily in any kind of way to provide these comments for others to view.
We greatly appreciate their voluntary submission of the unbiased comments and remarks regarding the direct results and benefits they received from directly purchasing our products and services to grow their own respective businesses.
We congratulate them on their personal achievements!

Dan has got a great business! Many build things out of a hobby, but Dan has got much more than that, he's got real business experience and there may be franchise possibilities here. He actually supplies other dove release companies across the country. He knows them in his industry, and Dans business expertise is going to be really valuable to the rest of those in his industry. - Jim Koch, Founder, Samuel Adams Boston Beer Co.

Dan has a phenominal idea, this business he is building has huge potential for major events in the future! - Joe Terranova, CNBC "Fast Money" Contributor, Veteran Wall Street Trader. Strategist for Phoenix Investment Partners. 

Dan has got a great story to the business. I love his story...I love his idea of taking this business to the next level. - Mel Robbins, American Television host, Life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker. 

I love this idea, I love this guy, he gave for us and now we're going to give for him. Get in touch with this guy!- Donny Deutsch, American Advertising Executive and TV Personality. Former host of the CNBC talk show The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch.

This is what Brendon Burchard had to say about The White Dove Release Business when I shared this concept with him in 2014! Releasing those white doves are an incredible way to comfort those in times of need. What a great way to share your message with the world, Dan!- Brendon Burchard, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Millionaire Messenger, and the #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive.

This is what Dan Kennedy had to say about the 2 white doves that I had given to him as a gift, which my friend and partner delivered to Dan in person in Aug 2015. "Over all these years, Members, event attendees and clients have given me a wide variety of gifts. On three different occasions, clients have given me automobiles. Rare Books, first editions, rare comic books, an ancient manuscript from China, etc. I try to at least thank each person privately, but it is impossible to thank them all publicly. But in all these +40 years at this, the one thing i have never been given by anybody before is.... Live White Doves! There is a lesson here? There's simply no end to the size and scope and diversity of opportunity. This case is a pure act of gratitude, in a creative way."- Dan Kennedy, Strategic Advisor, consultant, business coach, and editor of six business newsletters. He directly influences more than one million business owners annually and has a long track record of taking entrepreneurs to seven figure incomes and multi-millionaire wealth.

Its always exciting to hear about so many new and upcoming unique business ideas. - Peter Guber, Executive, Entrepreneur, Educator, and author. Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment.

REAL Feedback from Our Customers 



Your birds have great homing abilities. They always make it home and half of them immediately go into their home. The other half follow right behind them and occasionally we have a slow bird getting home. We are ten miles into their road training and they are doing great. Thanks! we are having a lot of fun training these birds.

Mike Farrington

Alamosa, Colorado




That splash hen of yours is proof that a predominately white pigeon can also win. Considering she was a white pigeon with just a little patch of blue on her wing, her feather condition was very good even after the crazy training I put them through.

That really is a fine little hen you have there Daniel. When I was boxing them up to ship back it was the only bird I brought in to my wife to show off. I was sure that with her being predominately white she would of bit the bullet by a falcon, but she made it the entire race series and was a standout at the end.

Good luck breeding her and I hope her genes are passed on.

Rick Mee



I want to thank you ever so much! I really love these new Belamerica White Racers. I thank you for the book and treatment, and hoping to order some more birds in the future.

Your friend in white racing homers,

Richard Vary

Manville, Rhode Island


Voicemail Testimonial:

Just wanted to let you know that my 4 birds arrived safe and sound, and there was an additional one, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, all alive and well.

 Verna Clark

 Crosslake, Minnesota


The birds arrived in good shape yesterday morning. Thanks for providing the birds we needed in time for training for the season. Your birds have been of the highest quality, and we appreciate your reliable customer service. We won't hesitate to do business with you again.  
Kristine Strasburger
Spirit Lake, Idaho


Hi Dan,

It was a pleasure speaking with you today and it is with great pleasure and respect that I write this testimonial.

"I can't say enough good things about my experiences with White Pigeon Sales.  The level of customer service exceeded all my expectations.  Fernando in Customer Service was caring and prompt with any and all questions I had.  If I emailed him a question, he would answer it immediately.  Remarkable since he is over 2200 miles away and a couple of time zones! 

It is a scary endeavor starting a new business and Fernando was right there with me through the purchase and shipping process to procure our birds to start our business here in Southern Connecticut. There are many choices when it comes to purchasing white homing pigeons - certainly closer ones - however our business profile mandates that we provide the BEST dove release experience for our clients.  Knowing that White Pigeon Sales has the reputation, the bloodlines and a level of expertise second to none, it was an easy choice for us.  It made us feel like we had a "partner" in our new venture!

You will have my business and recommendation for years to come."

Warmest Regards,

Tom Hardisty
Wings of Love, LLC
Milford, CT

I always turn to White Pigeon Sales when I need high-quality birds, marketing advice, as well as other items that help my business to succeed in this special type of industry. They are consistent, always in the know of new trends on the horizon in the industry, reliable, and very easy to work with.


Tyler, TX

I received a call at 5:45am this morning from the post office saying the birds were available for pickup. Best wake up call of my life. After letting them into our loft my wife and I both noted the exceptional beauty of them and the amazing white color even for how young they are. All four are well as far as I can tell and more than pleased with them. May even enter them into the county fair:). Thank you so much. We will definately do more business with you guys. The Racing Pigeon Essentials and Magnetite are next on my list. One more pleased customer!

Ryan H

Rexburg, ID

Hello, I recently had to get rid of the birds due to some new HOA restrictions that have been enforced in my area that I live :-(. I sold the birds I acquired from your business, and they were shipped over 175 miles away to a good friend of mine. To my surprise, 30 of the 35 birds returned back home within 2 weeks. I never questioned the excellent quality you provide. I was surprised at the price per bird, but also having done my research of the shady other outfits out there peddling birds, I realized best quality is generally always tied to higher price (You get what you pay for). I knew I could only trust your company that has been in the business for years helping others get their businesses started which I was grateful.

I just feel that this is something that you can add to your testimonial page for those who are skeptics, and are price shopping trying to find the cheapest they can find. Your birds did everything you said they would do so long as I trained them properly based on the recommendations you provided me. Your business provided all the quick solutions to my problems I was faced with, and I would recommend your business to anyone who has a desire to start their own dove business.

Since the birds can find their way home from 175 miles as they did, my friend will need to keep them strictly as breeders and fly their young when they are raised.

All the Best,


Denver, CO

Free Shipping on all orders for the month of March? I'll place my order online this weekend for 10 birds!

Thanks so much for all you do for this industry.

Ricky Marino

Atlanta, GA


White Pigeon Sales provides the very best birds on the market today. I've spent my share of money over the years with other fly by the night outfits that produced garbage birds. I have been in the dove business since 2007.

Yeah, I thought I was getting a great deal by only having to pay $25 per bird from these various piss poor outfits. I now realize how wrong and painful the lessons were to me for trying to cut corners on the price back when I was uninformed. The majority of those garbage birds I acquired came from individuals who had not been in the business for more than 3 years. A fellow on the east coast bought several birds from you guys a few years back, and told me to only buy from your business, nobody else.

My experience with your company has been wonderful. I have a new mission to direct others to your business so that they can avoid all the existing pigeon peddlers out there that sell passed on junk.

I have followed the recommendations that were given to me by your company and I now have my 40 birds trained out to 125 Miles.

Keep up the great business you have, you are the trusted authorities in this industry.

Javier Rodriguez

Tampa, FL


I'm very satisfied with the white pigeons, they arrived in great condition. They seem to be doing well. I want to give them time to settle into their new loft.  These pigeons arrived absolutely flawless in appearance we could not be more satisfied.

Martin M.
West Middlesex, PA

White pigeon sales,

I was very pleased when my birds arrived they were very health and looked like they did on your website.  The shipping method was professional and done great and your checkout process was also very convenient.  I look forward to future orders through your family business.  Thanks again for your professionalism and my new birds to enjoy.
Have a wonderful day.

Dustin B.

Omak, Washington



The birds arrived safely and are in excellent condition as was mentioned they would be. Thanks for taking care of us in such a professional manner. We look forward to doing future business with you, as well as acquiring more birds from White Pigeon Sales as the need arises for our production show in Las Vegas.

Joe C.

Cirque du Soleil


Criss Angel Show at The Luxor

Las Vegas, NV


I would just like to let you know I received the beautiful white pigeons this morning. They are alive and well, a little startled but that's to be expected. I can't thank you enough for working with me on your shipping date and so forth. I am looking forward to watching them grow into a beautiful flock (with my two other pigeons). Can't wait to order more from you guys! Have an awesome day!
Ps. If you ever need a release business in northern california let me know! :) 

Cameron C.- Oroville, CA


Dear Dan,

Sorry for the delay on this response, but I had some personal business to take care of in Montana.

Thank you so very much for being a man of Integrity concerning the final payment for these birds you purchased when I sold out. Truthfully, I had totally forgotten that you owed any money on them but having retired this past summer the money at Christmas time was from heaven.

I know that Jim Gabler, of America's Dream Loft fame, would love to have purchased them as he tried to buy the entire Schellens Family of birds you now own.

Thanks again Dan and best of luck in Utah. You should have a lot more competition out there as they have quit a few great flyers there.

Your friend from the North,

Mike Schmidt

Speed Shop Loft

I just received my third shipment of Janssens from WhitePigeonSales!

Each time the birds arrived healthy and in excellent feather.
The first set is now consistently breeding, and all have been superb fliers.
The rehoming has been almost effortless and of 24 birds, and three separate "first releases" after a two week rehoming period, we only lost one.
(Probably the victim of a hawk attack.)
When we had a sick bird, your staff offered timely and useful advice.
I can't say enough about the support and professionalism of your products and services.
Thank you so much!
We love your birds!
Guy Mauri

White Pigeon,

I inquired by email about doves, received a prompt and informative response along with verification of pricing and shipping date with confirmation of testing for a guarantee male and female pair. I received my doves in less than 5 days from the date I first inquired. Safe sound and beautiful doves !

Thank you for your informative and prompt attention to my request for doves, and of course for the gorgeous mated pair. Birds may be your business, but service is your forte' !

Carol Chapman Allen

Paradise, Texas  

Mustang Paradise

Thanks a lot. You guys are awesome!! :-)

Jon H.


    I just recieved my 2 white homing pigeons today and they look great! You guys did a good job of taking care of these birds. This is my first time I bought birds from you guys and I know it wont be the last. Thank you guys so much!
Jourdan :)

 We've now ordered love doves (first of their offspring hatched this morning!) and another pair of white delbar breeders from you...count us as repeat customers, here we are a third time! Beautiful, impressive birds from what we've seen so far. We're so happy about the birds, and really
appreciate having an option out here where we can purchase such beautiful, healthy, high quality homers/racers. We'll be back shopping with you at
some point again, I'm sure. :)

Kathryn S.- Blue Lake, California


I took a look at your website and it is very well put together and professional looking. I also like your franchise ideas and may consider that for myself in the near future. Keep up the good work! I may join you someday!

Jose P. New York

Mr. Hash

We just received the birds you sent and they are A++++!!! We are going to start out small in the business venture, however, we look forward to doing lots more business with you down the road. Thanks so much for the instructions on how to care for these birds, they help greatly. We have a few friends that wanted to see what your birds look like, and I must say they were pleased. We look forward to joining your White Dove Release Network, finally there is an organization that believes in helping other businesses out even if they are not part of the franchise.

Carol W. West Texas


"The birds arrived this afternoon in good condition. They appear to be adjusting well. They are eating with enthusiasm. I appreciate the tips sent with your email about care. I had not considered the addition of ??????? for electrolytes, great idea definitely less expensive. Perhaps we can correspond further about shipping eggs this spring.

Thank You, Bill A.


My recent visit to your place was worth every dollar I spent. Thank you so much for your time and expertise in answering all those questions I had to have answered. I can see now why you get paid for what you do, and you should be, you are a true professional and you speak from years of experience. I was getting tired of talking to different people about this business that had no clue in what they were saying. I feel that many were just setting me up for failure by giving me bad advice, well I'm so thankful I found your website. I will tell anyone that is even thinking about getting into the dove business to go through you. I can't wait to get my business started thanks to all your help. You truly are a natural at this, and you have all my permission to post this email on your site so others can read.

Brandon S.


Hi Dan,

My wife and I are very happy with the pigeons that we purchased from you. After only four weeks with us, they have already flown several times inside our property. They are very smart and beautiful birds. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me on the phone as you have done.

Gilberto Castaneda.

Houston (Texas)

Mr. Hash,

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the birds that we purchased from you a while back. We are using them for our White Dove Release Business and we finally have birds that return home from great distances. We will recommend your business to others we know". Thanks again

D. Smith (Michigan)

Dear Dan,

"The White Homers we purchased from you are in great condition, they are healthy and we can't wait to get them settled in so we can start training them". God Bless!

Catherine (Florida)


"We are so happy to have found your website, In the past, I had ordered White birds from others on the internet only to find out that the birds I bought were junk birds with no homing ability. The birds we purchased from you have helped our business grow and they have the true homing gene in them you told us about. Thanks for your help on this. We now have a reliable source that will not disappoint us when we need to buy more due to hawks in the area."

Sincerely, John (California)


I am pleased to say that the birds arrived as you described, very healthy as I expected. I apologize for being upset in the email I sent you concerning the late arrival of the cages I purchased. I understand that it was not your fault; I appreciate your professional approach to tracking the package that got lost in the mail system. I will be buying more magnetite from you in the near future, it works!! Thank you.

Francisco Gomez (North Carolina)

To Whom It May Concern,

I received your contact information from a friend who told me about your site; it's nice to have one place I can go get all my White Dove Release equipment and supplies. I use your magnetite and Pigeon Whistles and they are of great craftsmanship. The whistles do keep the hawks away; my neighbors are amazed at the sound they create when the birds fly with them.

Suzanne Mitchell (Portland, Oregon)


I purchased a few of your Pigeon Backpacks and they are so fun to use and relay messages like in the olden days when communications methods were not as advanced as they are today. I have several friends throughout Europe that want to buy some from your site.

Pedro Oliveira (Portugal)

Mr. Hash,

The 20 bird kit you sent me are some of the very best birds I have ordered on the internet. I trained them as you directed me and they are now returning home from 150 miles out. I will be back to buy more as the business continues to get larger.

Benjamin R. (Plano, TX)


If I would have only known about your site a few years ago, I could have saved a lot of money! I have purchased birds from people all across the country and was not pleased with the quality I received. A friend of mine recommended I try out some of your birds; well they are excellent flyers and home after being trained. I released many of them at a Race for the Cure event, since then your recommendations and trade secrets you shared with me have resulted in great success. I appreciate your time and advice.

Sincerely, Elaina Festus (New Haven, CT)

Mr. Hash

The birds are doing well; they are eating on their own and will be ready to train as soon as the weather gets warmer. Thank you!

Joanna D. (Springfield, UT)


All eight pigeons arrived safely and healthy, They are just great. I hope they enjoy their home for many years. Thanks!

John M. Princeton (TX)


Hi Dan,

Wow, those are beautiful birds you sent me. And what a wonderful shipping box. I didn't know such a box existed. Thank you again. Have a wonderful year.

Kathy P. Nashville (TN)


The birds arrived Wednesday morning. They arrived in good condition, didn't seem to be stressed any from travel. I was very pleased with the way they looked, just like the ones I received last October. They seem to be very healthy birds and from good stock. Very excited about adding these to my loft and starting with the training. We will send some more pictures later of all the birds. Thank you and have a Blessed evening.

Bill H. Niota (TN)


The white doves were delivered to our house from the post office about 15 minutes after you called. They all appear to be in great shape. They are beautiful birds, just as you said! Thanks a lot for all your help.

Tim Statesville (NC)


I looked at several other websites online, however, I just kept coming back to yours. I appreciate your informational site, and look forward to the arrival of my 20 White Racing Homers. You have a wonderful website! Thanks!

Manuel (CA)
Mr. Hash,

I just received the birds you sent and they all appear to be in great condition. I look forward to ordering many birds in the future. My friend told me about your site and she was right, no need to look and shop around, everything is here that I need to get started in the business. Thanks for all the information you have provided on your site. I see why you are rated so high on Google and the search engines, you and your site are credible! Thanks for everything.

Sharon (CA)

Thank you so much!!! The fantails are absolutely Gorgeous!!!! Way more beautiful than I expected!!! They are healthy and eating well, and so sweet!!! I just love them!!! I have ordered a much larger cage which should arrive in a few days. The one I got is pretty big, but I just feel they would be happier in a much larger one. They really are quite calm... even when I reach in their cage to give them fresh water and food!!! We are enjoying watching the new birds as they adjust to their new home. Thanks again,

Renae D.

Plymouth (MN)


I would like to take a moment to thank you for your help. We (my Grand-daughter and I) received our birds yesterday. What a beautiful white color they have. I know we will enjoy our new hobby together, which, will in turn bring us closer together and that's really what it's all about. I also wanted to thank you for answering my emails so quickly and giving me the advice that must at times seem so simple to you. Everything went just as you said it would without the slightest hiccup. I will keep in touch as I want to further explore the White Dove Release business that we talk about shortly. Thanks again,

David Corona (CA) "Papa Bear Lofts"

Congratulations on your success! You may or may not remember me- I'm 53 at this writing. Like you I am a veteran- 4.5 years Fast Attack Submarines, 4 Years Army National Guard- I got my first whites in 1985 and began the Wedding Dove & Funeral Releases in 1987 under the name Homewood Loft Sedding Doves in Danbury, Connecticut. Like my Dad before me I raced with the DBF out of Danbury. I was Publicity Director & Editor of the WRPCA News for The White Racing Pigeon Club of America back then. Now I'm in Sebring, Florida and I'm interested in buying a kit of whites- what strains have you bred from- they look nice- nice shape, wing length, nice eyes, nice cere and brow. I had whites bred from Roger Mortvedt's line- I consider Roger to be the King of the White Racers. I also had previously bred from a line called Pletnix (playtinks) Other birds I raced were Peppermans, Hanseens, Dordins, and Janssens from senior flyers in the DBF. Please give me a call if I can set up to buy a kit- thanks- and again Congratulations!

Gregory M.
Sebring (FL)


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