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Young White Racing Homing Pigeon (8 birds x $98 Ea.) +FREE GIFT
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The birds you see on our website are bred specifically for The White Dove Release Industry.

All these young birds are raised in our lofts on our own business property, and they have also never flown outside of the weaning section. You can easily train these birds to your place when you receive them from us.

These birds are used by individuals who perform white dove releases for weddings, funerals, and other special occasions. You've probably even seen or heard about these dove releases in newspaper articles, television ads, even trade show magazines. They are becoming very popular...

These particular solid White Racing Homing Pigeons we have been raising and breeding since (1989) are highly sought after by many, as "First of Choice" due to their exceptional quality and homing ability. 

This particular family of birds we have bred in our program over the years have been selectively and closely crossed using (2) separate foundational breeds. The White Janssens (Known for Speed), and White Delbars (Known for Long Range 500 Mile Distance).  The young squeakers we will send you will be a well-balanced bird that has both characteristics, which makes it the "best of choice" for The White Dove Release Business owner. 

These young birds are specifically bred and sold as young "squeakers" so that clients like yourself, have a great opportunity to start your own white dove release business in your area. The major benefit of acquiring your birds from us is the ROI (Return on Investment) you will quickly recoup after performing just a few dove releases. Consider the benefits of the long-term results you will reap as a result of getting the best birds to begin with, rather than the cost you will pay now for the birds.

Over the many years in business,  we have been asked the following question:  What is the likelihood of getting a good mixture of unsexed young cocks and hens on a single order placed, without paying for the additional service of DNA testing to guarantee the sex of the birds?

Here is the answer to this question in the simplest terms: 

If you order 2 birds, you have a 50/50 chance of getting at least one cock and one hen.

If you order 4 birds, your chances of having at least one pair in this kit increase to 87.5%.

If you order 6 birds, your chances increase to approximately 96.9%.

If you order +8 birds, your chances increase up to 99.2% and so forth.

Simply put, if you prefer buying with a guarantee of the sexes and knowing you will get equal numbers of cocks and hens, pay for the DNA Sex testing and we will guarantee we send exactly what you order.

These White Racing Homing Pigeons we have available to you, are also the only type of birds that should ever be used for release in the White Dove Release Business. White Fantail Doves and White Ring Neck Doves are much different and can only be used for display purposes, not for release.

These birds are the foundation of any business that wishes to use the same white homing pigeons over and over again. 

We look forward to helping your business be a success!


The USPS Express Approved Shipping Box & Handling Fee is Required For All Live Bird Shipments. You must use this option if you are purchasing ANY birds.

Customer Testimonial:

I just received my third shipment of Janssen’s from WhitePigeonSales! Each time the birds arrived healthy and in excellent feather.  The first set is now consistently breeding, and all have been superb fliers. The rehoming has been almost effortless and of 24 birds, and three separate "first releases" after a two-week rehoming period, we only lost one (probably the victim of a hawk attack). When we had a sick bird, your staff offered timely and useful advice. I can't say enough about the support and professionalism of your products and services.

Thank you so much!

We love your birds!

Guy Mauri

Additional Services
Insurance (add $10)
Vaccination (add $10)
AU Banding (add $8)
DNA sexing (add $40)
Guaranteed 4 Cocks and 4 Hens (add $40)
White Belgium Bloodline (Non-Pedigreed) (add $150.00)
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