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Young (BELAMERICA) White Racing Homing Pigeons Directly off 100% Belgian Imports +VERY NICE FREE GIFT
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These are unquestionably some of the very finest birds we have EVER owned and imported to the USA for our breeding program.

Breeding and flying some of the best WHITE RACERS is now available in AMERICA- AGAIN!

These whites are down from the following famous bloodlines: Witte Koning, Witte Louis 117/01 won 46 prizes in 4 years, White Albert, White Ace Long Distance, "Heloog 657", Snowman, The Whiteprins, just to name a few....

This particular family of birds will excel at both middle distant, as well as long distance One Loft Races very competitively!

If you're a skeptic, critic, or even a non-believer, sorry, these birds are NOT for you.

If you are a believer, and quality is very important in your buying decisions, these are definitely intended for you.

If you are looking for the best that is out there, look no further. We've spent a small fortune recently so that you don't have too.

We are very pleased to once again replenish and rebuild the fabulous gene pool that has made our business what it is today. 

BelAmerica highlights:

  • These are all recessive whites with bull eyes. (No orange or pearl eye)
  • These have never been crossed with any other birds. Pure 100% Belgian Bloodlines. We plan to keep it that way.
  • Designed for the competitive/serious racer. If you are looking for OLR quality, this is it!
  • Strict QC measures in place to ensure they are the best quality available. 
  • Our Certified Hologram Pedigrees cannot be duplicated by anyone else in this industry. You can only get these BelAmerica White Racers from us.
  • All birds are vaccinated, insured, DNA Sexted, AU Banded, and registered.
  • Small to Medium size body shape.
  • Quick maturing.
  • Extremely Intelligent!
  • 100% Pedigreed and Certified
  • All bred in individual breeding sections for 100% accuracy.
  • Multiple Champion Bloodlines on both cock and hen lineage.
  • Life expectancy +12 years.

          Any many more benefits.......

Now taking orders for Spring 2017 kits.

All these young birds will be registered with our Certified Hologram Papers, and individually banded with our 2017 ARPU bands registered to our loft. We will go ahead and DNA sex these birds for you free of charge, Vaccinate them, Insure them, as well as provide certified Pedigrees on them for tracking purposes. The option to select whether you want us to send a cock, or a hen is an additional service.

The days of having to question other nefarious pigeon peddlers out there regarding pedigrees on birds, and the accuracy of them, are over. The results of resorting to buying from unknown sources will only lead you to huge lost opportunity, and great painstaking financial loss! Don't make the same mistake that others who have gone before have made by supporting the copycats out there. If you have junk birds already in your loft, you may want to seriously consider at least getting a few of these to help improve your gene pool to minimize your losses. 

The benefits YOU will receive from these birds will, without a doubt, far outweigh the minimal cost we charge for these birds we provide to the industry year after year.

These birds ARE for you if:

*You are serious about racing excellent whites, and are up to the challenge of flying in One Loft Races in the future.

*Price is not an issue to you. You can easily afford them without breaking the bank.

*Quality matters most to You in your buying decisions.

*You want to build a great foundation of whites from the very beginning, and you don't want to deal with all the pains and frustrations of trial and error which end up costing you more money in the long run.

*You enjoy having the very best that's out there.

If this category DOES fit you, I encourage you to make the wise decision of taking that next step, by placing your order below. You can order up to (10) birds through this checkout. You also get the very best price break with a (10) bird kit purchase. A huge savings to you!

Want a heavily discounted price on this bloodline? Here's how you can get this bird for a generous $310.00 Discount. Head over to this link to purchase the discounted birds.

These special terms and conditions apply to this discount offer.

Please be aware that by selecting this discount offer, you understand that will receive a young healthy white belamerica squeaker that will be AU banded, however, the following items will not be offered with this bird:

No Pedigree, No DNA Sexing Certificate, No choosing the sex of the bird, No Vaccinations, No serialization of the bird, No opportunity to qualify for the Belamerica Challenge as mentioned above, 30 day guarantee only. 

This option has been offered due to several requests by others who want these birds in their loft in order to improve their genetic breeding program, but simply can't afford the regular retail price of this special bloodline we offer with all the services included above. 

  Some have asked about eye color. Here's a close up.


Additional Services:Guaranteed Cock (add $45.00)
Guaranteed Hen (add $45.00)
1 Year Insurance (add $75.00)
LDHA GENETIC TESTING/ $70 Per Bird (add $70.00)
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